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Fillers and Botox (and other neuromodulators) are the most common injectables used for facial rejuvenation.

Botox and other neuromodulators like Xeomin and Dysport work to reduce the lines and wrinkles that are accentuated by the muscle movements in the face. The most notable and common wrinkle is the one between the eyebrows made by frowning. When Botox is properly injected into this muscle group the frown line diminishes. A few additional well-placed Botox injections also give a slight eyebrow lift, which is a great non-surgical approach to sagging eyelids.

Botox is safe and effective. It is considered the first step toward facial rejuvenation in an aesthetic market that offers a variety of cosmetic procedures. It lasts approximately 3 to 4 months and is nearly painless. Fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse are products that fill-in the lines or shadows of the face once volume is lost. Volume loss is the hallmark of the aging face. With fillers, we can reverse this loss and augment the sunken, tired looking face.

When total facial volume is depleted, full facial volumizing is sometimes recommended. This measure has been termed the “Liquid Facelift.” Sculptra, a collagen stimulating product, is used to restore the proportions of the face and transform your appearance back to the shape you enjoyed when you were younger.

When it comes to injectables our goal for our patients is unique. We want to help you achieve a more youthful face without looking fake or over-done. The over-plumped, unnatural, reality TV show look is too common and even cliché in areas like Newport Beach, LA and other major cities. We strive to avoid this. After your filler or Botox, even the most discerning eye shouldn’t be able to tell you had anything done. In fact, the “done” look sometimes makes you look older, and who wants that? We want you to feel refreshed and youthful-never artificial.

Aesthetic dermatology is truly an art. We look at you holistically instead of simply injecting a shadow or line. Is the fold around your mouth due to a sagging cheek? Perhaps the dark circles under your eyes are caused by cheek fat descending anatomically. Have your temples sunken, causing the shape of your face to narrow at the top and widened towards the bottom? There are many changes at play, each facet affecting the youthfulness of your face. We address these issues comprehensively. Using FDA-approved fillers, we select product and strategy based on your unique face and need.

We appreciate that trusting us to inject your face is a thoughtful decision. We feel privileged and want you to feel safe and reassured. We make every effort to discuss our thoughts and intentions, aligning our goals with yours.

Botox and injectable dermal fillers reduce the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles, fill in deep lines, facial creases and plump up lips. They can be used to augment & sculpt facial features, volumizing the face for a more youthful appearance. When multiple facial areas are filled, a filler facelift or "liquid" facelift can be achieved. Injectables are the perfect treatment option for preventive aesthetic work, maintenance therapy or to reverse the signs of aging with immediate results.


Skin is a shedding organ. When it heaps up, it no longer reflects light and we lose that dewy, fresh appearance. Chemical peeling is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin by peeling the top layer of the tissue and exposing fresh, brighter skin. In order to maintain a healthy glow year-round, we generally recommend at least two chemical peels per year to strip away the dull, tired layer.

When we slough the “dead” surface layer with a chemical peel, we are able to expose your more supple, bright and even-toned skin. Chemical peels vary in strength according to the concentration of the chemical used. Med spas frequently sell weaker peels that barely penetrate the epidermis. The result: very little peeling and negligible change.

At ZENA Medical, we use only medical-grade chemical peels that cause light to moderate skin peeling. Your doctor will customize your peel strength based on your skin type and need. We carry many high-quality products, including TCA, Glycolic, Jessner and more - Dr. West's signature Radiant Skin regimen.

Refreshed, dewy skin is always within reach when you follow Dr. Donna West’s signature Radiant Skin regimen. With her unique protocol, Dr. West is able to harness the benefits of both microdermabrasion and GLYDERM chemical peels in staggered combination. This strategic series of treatments is performed every 2-4 weeks. Patients are able to achieve deeper penetration and amazing results that are not possible with just a single round.

GLYCOLIC ACID PEELS Glycolic acid chemical peels are commonly used to help resurface the skin and improve tone, texture and quality. Not all peels are created equal. Some lie unevenly on the skin and deliver spotty results. We are huge fans of the GLYDERM peel because it is esterified, which means it delivers a strong, uniform absorption. Because the GLYDERM peel layers so evenly, you can expect a smoother and more even result. The GLYDERM peel will reduce pigmentation issues like brown spots, lentigos, melasma and sun damage. The GLYDERM peel is a logical addition to your skin care regimen to help maintain that dewy, fresh, even-toned look.


Laser skin resurfacing, also know as a laser peel, laser vaporization and lasabrasion, can reduce facial wrinkles, scars and blemishes. Newer laser technologies give your plastic surgeon a new level of control in laser surfacing, permitting extreme precision, especially in delicate areas.

Laser skin resurfacing can improve minor facial flaws, such as:

Fine lines or wrinkles around or under your eyes, forehead or mouth
Scars from acne or chickenpox
Non-responsive skin after a facelift
Aged or sun-damaged skin
Liver spots
Improve your complexion if you have yellowish or grayish skin tones
Birthmarks such as Linear Epidermal Nevi
Enlarged oil glands on the nose


Facials are one of the most commonly sought out cosmetic procedures. Facials can be therapeutic, relaxing or a combination of both. At ZENA Medical we incorporate facials into the skin care regimen for patients with mild to cystic acne, aged or dehydrated skin, or for persons seeking to enhance the tone and texture of their skin.

The HydraFacial is a specialized medical-grade facial that deeply cleans the skin while it infuses potent ingredients to rejuvenate, exfoliate, and hydrate.

It is a non-invasive resurfacing procedure that thoroughly cares for your skin using a patented vortex-technology to remove impurities while simultaneously infusing customized serums with antioxidants, peptides or hyaluronic acid.

The HydraFacial technology uses hydro-peel tips which create a unique spiral design. The vortex suction easily dislodges and removes impurities without stripping the skin and causing irritation. Many woman get this facial even the day before their wedding.

Our trained estheticians customize a protocol for your skin type and target the area that is specific to your needs. They are experts at skin analysis and take a full skin history to make sure they deliver the most effective facial for you. They also perform deep extractions when necessary as well.

This HydraFacial is a very effective treatment to augment any facial program. Whether your target is cystic acne or simply facial rejuvenation and brightening, your goals are quickly achieved with a series of HydraFacial treatments. Your skin is dewy and fresh and you will leave feeling refreshed.


Broken blood vessels in the legs can be unsightly and cause pain. There are many factors that lead to varicose veins. The severity of the condition can vary. The deeper leg veins, which are the source of the visible varicose vessels, are difficult to access and can only be treated with invasive surgery.

However, the visible veins are easy to treat with a procedure called sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for treating visible varicose veins on the legs. We inject a solution directly into the vessels with tiny needles. Sclerotherapy is very tolerable.

Most people barely feel the injections. The solution irritates the inner lining of the vessels so that they no longer carry blood. Simultaneously, without harming the circulation, the body slowly replaces the inner lining of the vessel with scar tissue. The venous system is very redundant. Therefore, closing off one vessel will not impact the overall circulation. Several injections may be required for treatment of the affected areas. Typically, we advise leg vein treatment during the fall and winter so that your legs can be healed and beautiful by summer!

Like laser vein therapy, Sclerotherapy is a proven procedure for treating unwanted veins. It involves an injection of a targeted solution called Asclera which is injected directly into the vein. Over time, the vessel collapses and dissolves.


There are two products Dr. Zena believes show positive results in stimulating hair growth in women.These two products combine the newest state-of-the-art ingredients and work to address a very common and troubling problem for women.

If used properly, patients can see results within 3 months. Full efficacy is reached within 6 months after starting the program.

Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) for Women- In research trials, this stem-cell based product stimulates growth of new hairs along with increasing the thickness of existing hairs. It also shows increased natural pigmentation of the hair.

82M- This topical treatment combines all the research-proven ingredients, including minoxidil, which shows increased hair growth and decreased hair loss.


We are overwhelmed with skin care products everywhere we go, from drug stores to department stores, in infomercials and in our social media feeds.

Which claims are real?
Which products are worth the price?
Will you get the results you’ve paid for?

ZENA Medical is committed to carrying products that show real results in maintaining the tone, texture volume and elasticity of your skin. Some products treat an existing problem; others are invaluable in skin ongoing maintenance of skin health.

Whatever your need, you will find a selection of top-quality, medical-grade products like Skin Medica, Alastin, Avene, Neocutis, Elta MD, Glytone, Lifeline and Revale.

Our products not only receive a thumbs-up in clinical and dermatological studies, but they are the tried-and-true products that have been tested and recommended by our physicians and medical staff. Because of its potent nature, it's easy to see that these professional-grade products deliver quicker, more impactful transformations and results. Some ingredients that are offered in a higher concentration are vitamin C for brightening and clarifying complexions, instant radiance and healthy skin cell activity, as well as ferulic acid to diminish signs of aging.


Microneedling is an effective maintenance treatment for overall skin-rejuvenation. Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy because it induces collagen production in the skin.

During the treatment, a hand-held device is used to create tiny, controlled punctures in the skin. It is a minimally-invasive procedure with very little down time. Each micro-injury triggers the body to begin the natural process of filling these wounds with newly formed collagen and elastin. These micro-columns are channels directly into the tissue that give us an opportunity to infuse the skin with highly-active, skin-nurturing, products. This deeper penetration yields more potent results that improve skin texture and firmness and reduce scars and pore-size. A series of 4-6 sessions over several months yields optimal results, stimulating your skin to continuously refresh and renew.

This deeper penetration yields more potent results that improve skin texture and firmness and reduce scars and pore-size. A series of 4-6 sessions over several months yields optimal results, stimulating your skin to continuously refresh and renew.


Dermaplaning is a very simple method of exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and the baby fine hairs on the face by essentially shaving the skin with a sharp blade.

As frightening as that might sound at first, dermaplaning feels similar to shaving your legs and can be as relaxing as a facial.
Though some patients worry that facial hair will grow back thicker or darker, they quickly learn that this myth is untrue. In fact, removal of the “peach fuzz” on the face clears the way for deeper penetration the topical ingredients that provide nutrients to your skin. Dermaplaning is an effective part of a skin care regimen aimed at keeping your complexion bright, fresh and renewed.
82M- This topical treatment combines all the research-proven ingredients, including minoxidil, which shows increased hair growth and decreased hair loss.


Liposuction is not the only method to eliminate the stubborn fat on our bodies. Invasive surgery like traditional liposuction is risky and may lead to complications.

Non-invasive fat destruction and body recontouring has become increasingly popular and the research surrounding these technologies has exploded in the last 15 years. Non-invasive procedures as a whole have increased over 700% in the last four years.

Treatments like Botox ® and facial fillers are among the exceedingly safe and popular methods to enhance your overall appearance without the risk of surgery. Non-invasive BODY SHAPING is following tow and becoming one of the most sought after procedures.

As dermatologists, we have extensively researched the world’s literature to bring to you the most effective treatments for non-invasive body shaping. The technologies available on the market today are vast but the answer was clear: UltraShape POWER and VelaShape III.

UltraShape POWER

UltraShape POWER is the only FDA-approved non-invasive fat destruction that permanently eliminates fat using PAINLESS ultrasound waves. We all know ultrasound is even safe for infants. The UltraShape POWER device uses pulsed ultrasound waves so there is no heat or discomfort during or after the procedure. The power in this device is high enough to destroy ONLY fat cells thereby avoiding damage to the surrounding tissue.

Therefore, the only thing UltraShape POWER melts is your fat. The treatment is totally painless and there is no downtime. In fact, many patients pop in for a treatment during their lunch break. The studies show that the UltraShape is effective even after the first treatment – results appear in approximately two weeks. Optimal results are achieved typically in three treatments separated by two weeks.

One of the best ways to boost your diet is to treat yourself to an UltraShape treatment – this will start the slim down process, boost your confidence and get you motivated as you see your body slim down. It is the best way to jump start your weight loss and get your moving in the direction toward the body you want.

VelaShape III

Through our research we also discovered that fat reduction is only part of the solution. We recognize that skin tightening is a necessary component to achieving that smooth, tight look. Once the fat is removed, the skin overlaying the tissue must be tightened so that the saggy, loose skin doesn’t simply hang over a smaller, skinnier area.

The VelaShape III is the gold-standard for cellulite reduction and skin tightening. VelaShape III is a superior non-invasive procedure for cellulite treatment and skin tightening. We use this device for those stubborn cellulite areas that need smoothing and tightening like the back of the thighs, the buttocks and the lower belly. After a series of three quick, completely comfortable treatments, patients achieve smoother, tighter skin.

One of the best uses of the VelaShape is to tighten that loose belly skin that develops after having a baby. Many moms feel they lose that tight belly after having a baby. The VelaShape is outstanding at tightening up this area and smoothing out the rippling of the skin that occurs after having a baby. Another popular use of the VelaShape treatment is to treat the back of the thighs, neck area, or back of the arms. These are the areas that hold that stubborn layer of fat, or areas that have loose sagging skin. The VelaShape is superb at slimming down and tightening the skin here.

Before your cruise, your honeymoom, or a summer on the beach, schedule your VelaShape treatment for your belly or thighs to tighten and smooth that cellulite and get comfortable with your body in that bathing suit.


Non-invasive body shaping is one of the most sought out procedures in the aesthetics arena. We utilize a combination approach with the UltraShape and VelaShape so that you get the best results possible. This combination is optimal because UltraShape melts the extra layer of fat and then we chase the treatment with a VelaShape procedure over the treated area. The VelaShape acts to increase circulation and it stimulate the skin tightening process. Together these procedures work synergistically to effectively eliminate those bulges and stubborn fat pockets to achieve a slimmed down, smoother, tighter area.

Nearly everyone is a candidate for this Ultra Vela Combo treatment. If you are overweight and simply hate the extra bulge in your belly or love handles…the Ultra Vela Combo treatment will trim down those pockets of fat and shrink them permanently without pain or downtime. The Ultra Vela combo procedure is a great way to get that slimmer body faster while you are working on your diet and losing that extra weight to achieve the body you want.

Some patients are already at their optimal weight; and despite working out and staying trim they have stubborn pockets of fat that don’t flatten or smooth out no matter how hard they work. These patients are excellent candidates for the Ultra Vela Combo treatment. With just three easy, painless procedures those resistant fat bulges can be melted and tightened permanently. Finally there is a solution to those stubborn areas of fat that never totally flatten regardless of our effort and genetics.